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We work with developers and architects and help them create impressive Angular apps with .NET Core backends, running on Azure or on their premises.

How may we help you with your challenging, complex, and critical projects?

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On-The-Job Collaboration

Our goal is to help you become better developers and deliver your projects more efficiently. There might be no better way to learn than working together on your code.

Code and Architecture Reviews

We can be your sounding board to discuss critical ideas or to review the code of critical components before you base your large-scale development on them.

Architecture Consulting

We've been developing highly interactive browser-based applications, their backends and APIs for quite a while and we'd love to share the lessons we've learnt with you.

What you get

Technology Focus

Angular Performance Optimization

Angular is an incredibly fast framework, but sometimes it can feel as if its details or your browsers' CSS and JavaScript handling seem to work against you.

Based on our long experience, we can help you tackle load-time and runtime performance issues, including change detection optimization, lazy loading, or overall simplifications.

Web Components and PWA

The web is today' major business application platform. We can help you tap into its steadily expanding capabilities with Progressive Web Apps (PWA), Web Components and native integrations based on Project Fugu.

As a member of the W3C, we are actively working on these standards and on the future of the web.

Blazor and SPA Integration

Writing web applications with C#, HTML and CSS is an interesting new approach for .NET developers. But before planning to work with ASP.NET Core Blazor & WebAssembly, you should know their current capabilities and limits.

We've worked on integrating Blazor with SPAs and standard web technology APIs & libraries since the first days of Blazor and can help you avoid pitfalls from the beginning.

Container and Serverless

Reproducible system and execution environments with Docker containers are a win for every software developer.

Whether using today's de-facto standard Kubernetes as a container execution environment or pursuing a more serverless approach: our experts have many years of experience designing and developing distributed applications for the cloud-native world with a focus on Microsoft Azure.

Optimized 2D and 3D Visualization

Visualizing data in 2D or 3D is an increasingly important task in business applications, especially on the web.

Our practical experience can enable you to integrate application frameworks like Angular with visualization libraries like three.js or babylon.js in an highly performant way - to make sure you can get the FPS your application deserves.

.NET Core and Entity Framework Performance

.NET Core has been our main server-side technology since very early alpha versions - and we've been using .NET since 2001.

We can help you identify performance bottlenecks in your codebase. If .NET Core or Entity Framework and its SQL abstractions pose response times problems in your projects, our specialists can help you get your queries execution back on target.
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20. Oktober 2021 | 10:30 Uhr
Progressive Web Apps jenseits von Mobile: Desktop-PWAs mit Fugu
Live-Webinar und Q&A-Session mit Christian Liebel.
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What we've written

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 | Thorsten Hans

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) is a crucial automisation technique. In May 2021 cloud native expert Thorsten Hans visited the conference ESPC 2021 (European SharePoint Conference) to demonstrate Terraforms capabilities and and what to keep in mind when working with it.

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 | Sebastian Gingter

Git gibt uns mit der fixup-Option eine einfache aber effektive Möglichkeit, kleine Versäumnisse nachträglich so zu korrigieren, dass sie gar nicht mehr auffallen. Wie das genau geht, wollen wir in diesem Artikel erforschen. Mein Kollege Yannick Baron hat in seiner englischen Artikelserie zu Git bereits den interactive...

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 | Thomas Hilzendegen

Whether to use a Promise or an Observable is a valid question. Let me show you a little hint for deciding when to use what.

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 | Thorsten Hans

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) ist eine wichtige Technik in der Automatisierung. Teams beginnen ihren Weg zu Cloud-Native oft so, dass sie alles automatisieren und die Infrastruktur ist hier keine Ausnahme. Die stetig wachsende Akzeptanz von Cloud-Diensten und die Digitalisierung sind nur einige Gründe, warum IaC-Tools...

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 | Thorsten Hans

Kubernetes zu meistern ist hart und zeitaufwendig. Mit Kubernetes in Azure als .NET Core-Entwickler zu beginnen ist hingegen relativ einfach. Man benötigt sechs Schritte, um eine Anwendung in Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) zu starten und zum Laufen zu bringen, beginnend mit einer einfachen .NET Core Web API. Dieser...

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 | Sebastian Gingter

Mit der Einführung von async/await in C# 5 (2012) wurde das asynchrone Programmieren auf Basis von Tasks deutlich einfacher. Nebenläufigkeit ist allerdings grundsätzlich kein einfaches Thema, und wenn die Reihenfolge der Ausführung nicht mehr rein sequenziell ist, passieren schlimme Dinge können.

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