Our Services for you

We support architects and developers in the critical phases of their software development projects. You get immediate answers to your critical questions and technical issues with these offerings:

High impact workshops with our experts delivering quick answers for your technical project challenges.

Software architecture reviews to identify critical issues and find suitable solutions.

Developer and architect coaching. On-site or off-site, by email, phone, video conferencing, or shared screen.

Architecture consulting focusing on a maintainable, scalable and secure backbone for your project

Technology and service-provider evaluation and guidance to find the best fit for your project needs

Joint proof-of-concept or prototype-development with your dev team in an interactive on-the-project session

Unrestricted transfer of knowledgefrom our experts who have successfully accompanied hundreds of projects and regularly speak about their experiences at conferences is the foundation and success factor of our services.

Our Technologies

Angular Performance Optimization

Angular is a powerful but also complex framework, which can sometimes lead to performance issues. We can guide you to achieve better load-time and runtime performance and get change detection to run smoothly.

Optimized 2D & 3D Visualization

2D/3D visualizations can dramatically increase the user's understanding of data. Utilize visualization libraries like three.js or babylon.js in a highly performant way for your web applications on all kinds of devices.

.NET Core & Entity Framework Performance

We are engaged in the .NET ecosystem since 2001 and therefore can help you to migrate legacy code to .NET Core and to identify performance bottle- necks in your .NET Core codebase or in Entity Framework.

Container & Serverless

Containers guarantee reproducible system and execution environments. Leverage this power with Docker and Kubernetes and learn how to design and develop distributed applications for the cloud-native world with a focus on Azure.

Web Components & PWA

Progressive Web Apps and Web Components are the new building blocks for the modern web. Master their steadily expanding capabilities with us and use the expertise we can provide as an active member of the W3C.

Blazor & SPA Integration

Writing web applications with C#, HTML and CSS is an interesting new approach for .NET developers. We can help to understand the capabilities and limits Blazor and to integrate it with SPAs and standard web technology APIs & libraries.

Identity & Access Management

Secure your apps and services with state-of-the-art authentication and authorization. We support you during the implementation of OAuth2- and OIDC-protocol based on the open- source project Identity Server.

Cloud Migration

Want to make the cloud the new home for your applications? We help you to find the right strategy - whether lift & shift, refactoring, rewrite - and identifying the right cloud services while keeping an eye on the monthly costs.

Software as a Service

While SaaS solutions become normal for users it can be a challenging task for development teams. Cloud services, architecture, multi-client capability, license management - we've accompanied many projects on these topics and can share our knowledge with you.

Why you should work with us

  • You and your team receive immediate answers to your critical questions and design issues
  • You get know-how that is not a rehash of vendor marketing but is based on our experiences from several years of application design and development. Nearly every Thinktecture expert has at least a decade, some more than two decades of hands-on experience in software development
  • You receive expertise by experts who work closely with Microsoft’s and Google’s product teams on future server-side technologies while also follows other vendors in the mobile device space.
  • As we often demonstrate at our presentations at developer conferences and usergroup meetings, we are able to explain complex technologies very clearly and understandably.