Hello, I am Yannick Baron

I’m a software engineer with a passion for teaching and I have worked with many different technologies over the past 20 years. Striving for continuous improvement in everything I do, I developed a passion for clean software design and architecture that I’d love to share with you. Whether it is tips on improving your productivity, clean Angular architecture, making you comfortable with Git, or diving deep into the list of operators in RxJS – there’s a lot of practical, hands-on help I can offer you and your team.

Feel free to reach out to me directly via yannick.baron@thinktecture.com. I’m looking forward to working with you!

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Using EntityAdapter with ComponentStore: @ngrx/entity Series – Part 3
As someone who enjoys the ComponentStore on an average level, I have written simple reactive CRUD logic several times. While storing a vast number of entities in the component state might not be a frequent use case, I will briefly illustrate the usage of the EntityAdapter with the @ngrx/component-store.
Multiple Entity Collections in the Same Feature State: @ngrx/entity-Series – Part 2
After introducing the @ngrx/entity package, I am often asked how to manage multiple entity types in the same feature state. While I hope that the previous part of this article series has made this more apparent, I will further focus on this question in the following.
Managing Your Collections With the EntityAdapter: @ngrx/entity-Series – Part 1
This three-part series of blogposts is targeted at developers who have already gained experience with NgRx but still manage their collections themselves. In the first part I introduce the Entity Adapter, in the second part I show you how to connect it to NgRx and in the third part how to do it with the Component Store as well.
NgRx – An Angular Architect’s First Experiences
A big topic in SPA development is how to manage your application state. The solution often presented is the NgRx library. This article is not a guide, endorsement, or thorough evaluation of the technology. Instead, I want to share some experiences I have made with the store and give some references if you consider picking it up or already using it in a project.

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GDE: Google Developer Expert (since 2019)

GDE: Google Developer Expert (since 2019)

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