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Hello, I am Christian Weyer

I am one of the co-founders and the CTO of Thinktecture AG. As a Microsoft MVPRD and Google GDE, I have spoken at a wide variety of software conferences and events around the world for over two decades - with passion and commitment, especially for distributed application architectures and cross-platform solutions. I really like to think and talk about both deeply technical facts as well as the real purpose of technologies.

Feel free to get in touch with me directly via email at or on Twitter @christianweyer.

On this page below, you'll find conference talks I've given and articles which I've published.

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Published: 04.07.2023
Finding issues when using Semantic Kernel to talk to OpenAI or similarly hosted LLMs. [...]

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Christian Weyer
When people talk about WebAssembly and .NET Core these days, they immediately think about Blazor WebAssembly. But there is more to it. Actually, Blazor WebAssembly currently does not run our code as a WebAssembly (Wasm) module, but rather runs the .NET CLR (or a Mono version of it) as a Wasm module and our .NET code is run as plain old .NET assemblies on top of it. But there is indeed the need for executing (native) code as WebAssembly modules in the browser, and in .NET Core applications as well. In this article, I show how you can achieve running Wasm code in .NET Core, with a most likely future-proof approach.
Christian Weyer
As already outlined in my previous article, a Blazor application almost always has to integrate with the JavaScript world, and especially with the DOM layer in the browser. In this article, I am going to quickly show you how to transform your Blazor WebAssembly application into a Progressive Web App (PWA). You will see that it is quite easy to achieve - but you will also see and we will prove that we always need a good share of Web, browser and JavaScript knowledge when working with Blazor.
Christian Weyer
Microsoft's Blazor WebAssembly toolkit is one of the new kids on the block in WebAssembly land. For many developers WebAssembly (or WASM) is the origin for a new revolution in the web. We can finally(?) use other languages and frameworks than JavaScript to run applications in a standards-based way in a cross-platform fashion on all browsers, on any devices (please refer to the current support of WebAssembly in your browser).

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Microsoft MVP (since 2002)

Microsoft MVP (since 2002)

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