Hello, I am Marco Frodl

As Principal Consultant for Generative AI at Thinktecture AG, I have deep expertise in the most advanced areas of artificial intelligence. My main interest is in AI workflows using OpenAI's Generative Pre-Trained Transformer models (GPTs) and community-driven Large Language Models (LLMs) such as Llama2, Mistral, Mixtral, DeepSeek Coder, as well as RNN-based models such as RWKV.

My consulting focus is on the effective integration of these technologies into business applications, using modern, Python-based Gen AI frameworks such as LangChain and LlamaIndex to create powerful and efficient AI-based solutions.

With over twenty years of experience, first as a CTO in the financial sector and then as a technology consultant, I have developed a holistic perspective on the technological transformation of organizations. My work is characterized by goal-oriented consulting that always focuses on the specific needs and goals of stakeholders to ensure the optimal use of generative AI technologies.

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Published: 09.01.2024
Google Colab has introduced a new feature called "Colab Secrets" that simplifies the process of securing API keys and sensitive data in Colab notebooks. With this feature, users can securely store environment variables, file paths, or keys in one place, ensuring privacy and enhanced security. The user-friendly interface allows for easy management of secrets, making coding in Colab notebooks more s [...]
Published: 20.11.2023
Let's take a closer look at OpenAI's Text-to-Speech (TTS) API as a key addition to its Generative AI ecosystem. This new API offers several useful features such as different voice options, adjustable output quality, and support for multiple languages. Unique features include customizable speaking speed and emphasis techniques. [...]
Published: 04.09.2023
Today, I have a very important topic to address - handling security concerns in Google Colab notebooks, specifically when dealing with secret keys like OpenAI API keys. [...]
Published: 08.07.2023
LangChain, a powerful framework for AI workflows, demonstrates its potential in integrating the Falcon 7B large language model into the privateGPT project. Despite initial compatibility issues, LangChain not only resolves these but also enhances capabilities and expands library support. It allows swift integration of new models with minimal adjustments, reducing development time and providing exte [...]

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