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Ich bin Softwarearchitekt bei der Thinktecture AG mit besonderem Fokus auf verteilte Softwarearchitekturen mit .NET (Core) und Entity Framework (Core) sowie Webanwendungen basierend auf ASP.NET Core und Blazor WebAssembly.

Unsere Kunden unterstütze ich während des Entwurfs, der Implementierung und bei der Performance-Optimierung von modernen Softwarelösungen.

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Incremental Roslyn Source Generators: High-Level API – ForAttributeWithMetadataName – Part 8

With the version 4.3.1 of Microsoft.CodeAnalysis.* Roslyn provides a new high-level API - the method "ForAttributeWithMetadataName". Although it is just 1 method, still, it addresses one of the biggest performance issue with Source Generators.

Incremental Roslyn Source Generators: Using Additional Files – Part 7

In the previous article the Source Generator itself needed a 3rd-party library Newtonsoft.Json in order to generate new source code. The JSON-strings were hard-coded inside the Source Generator for simplicity reasons. In this article we will see how to process not just .NET code, but also other files, like JSON or XML.
Entity Framework Core

Entity Framework Core 7 Performance: Cartesian Explosion

In Entity Framework Core 3 (EF 3) the SQL statement generation (re)introduced the Cartesian Explosion problem. A lot has happened since then, so it is time to revisit the issue with Entity Framework Core 7 (EF 7).

Incremental Roslyn Source Generators: Using 3rd-Party Libraries – Part 6

We previously talked about how to change the source code generation based on current project dependencies. In this article, the Source Generator itself needs a 3rd-party library, in our case Newtonsoft.Json. This library is a development dependency and will not be rolled out to production.
Entity Framework Core

Entity Framework Core 7: N+1 Queries Problem

The N+1 queries problem has been our constant companion since day one of Entity Framework (Core). Entity Framework Core 2 (EF 2) introduced a new feature that caused the "N+1 queries problem" more often and was more difficult to detect, so it was removed in the following version. After a little back and forth, let's see how Entity Framework Core 7 (EF 7) handles this issue and why it will likely remain in the future.
Entity Framework Core

Entity Framework Core: User-defined Fields and Tables

The requirement to store additional fields, unknown at development time, in a relational database is not new. Nonetheless, none of the projects I know of are willing to change the database structure at runtime. What if there is a project which needs dynamically created fields and doesn't want or cannot use entity–attribute–value model or switch to No-SQL databases?

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