Hello, I am Pawel Gerr

As a software architect at Thinktecture AG, I focus on distributed application architectures using .NET (Core) and Entity Framework (Core) as well as web applications based on ASP.NET Core and Blazor WebAssembly.

In my daily business, I support our customers during the design, implementation, and performance optimization of modern software solutions.

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Roslyn Source Generators: Logging – Part 11
In previous part we lerned how to pass parameters to a Source Generator. In this article we need this knowledge to pass futher parameters to implement logging.
Roslyn Source Generators: Configuration – Part 10
In this article we will see how to pass configuration parameters to a Roslyn Source Generator to control the output or enable/disable features.
Roslyn Source Generators: Reduction of Resource Consumption in IDEs – Part 9
In this article we will see how to reduce the resource consumption of a Source Generator when running inside an IDE by redirecting the code generation to RegisterImplementationSourceOutput.
Background Jobs with Rx.NET
As a backend developer you have to implement some kind of periodically running background jobs from time to time. Most widely used tools I see are timers, tasks, semaphores, half dozens of booleans and enums to keep the state. Depending on the complexity of the code, understanding it can be quite adventurous. Alas, almost none of the developers I asked about reactive extensions (Rx.NET) know that they even exist.

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