Hello, I am Konstantin Denerz

I am a technical consultant at Thinktecture.

For the past 20 years I have been working in product development and customer projects, using various platforms such as Java, .NET and the web.

My focus for the last six years has been developing modern web applications with Angular. I provide strategic advice to our customers, review projects at both the architecture and code level and am also available as an expert for software architecture.

Another focus of my work is UI design, in which I create graphic designs with Figma. Using visual components as reference, I write code to build corresponding web components. For these tasks I prioritize coordinating the user experience with the customer teams.

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Articles written by Konstantin

End-To-End Testing of Angular Components with Cypress
In this article you will see how to enrich your test suite with functional and visual end-to-end tests for your Angular applications.
Visual Testing Of Angular Components With Storybook & Chromatic
In a previous article, From paper sketch to a running application - Adobe XD, Storybook & Angular in action, I described the basics of writing Storybook stories and Angular components. In this follow-up, you will learn to enhance the Storybook workflow through visual testing to achieve fast feedback and development iterations. Not only does visual testing improve the overall quality and stability of your web-based software. The stakeholders also get to see something early, which means that changes are still possible in the developing process.
Adobe XD, Storybook & Angular In Action – From Paper Sketch To A Running Application
In this article, I will show you how to design and develop application components for a SPA. We will start of from a paper sketch, head over to a designer tool, like Adobe XD, followed by an interactive testing environment, like Storybook, to finally result in a running Angular application.
Creating Expressive Toast Components With Angular Animations
In some of my recent projects, I have experienced the need and requirements for better user experience by incorporating animations into Angular-based user interfaces. In this article, I am showing you how you can create an expressive toast component with Angular animations yourself. During the development of user interfaces, it is essential to pay attention to the visualization of transitions. Without transitions, the state change of an element will happen instantly. We can achieve a better user experience with transitions if we are slowing down the changes. I am using Angular's domain-specific language (DSL) for animations to solve this issue.

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