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International JavaScript Conference London 2023
 | 27.04.2023

Progressive Web Apps: A truly cross-platform application model

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) have been around for quite a while. Still, the application model continues to advance. They can finally receive push notifications on Safari for macOS, iOS, and iPadOS. Project Fugu makes more and more platform-specific interfaces available on the web. Google lifts the requirements for your application to be installable on the operating system. Christian Liebel from Thinktecture gives you an up-to-date overview of the PWA application model including all recent changes and their impacts on web-based app development for mobile and desktop.

Christian Liebel is consultant at Thinktecture, focuses on web standards and Progressive Web Applications, and is Thinktecture’s representative at the W3C.


International JavaScript Conference London 2023
- 27.04.23 
@ London

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More articles about PWA

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