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DevSum 2023
 | 25.05.2023

WASM, WASI, WTF? – .NET developer’s WebAssembly 101

Buzzword bingo, FTW! No, this session is NOT about Blazor WebAssembly. Rather, Christian will discuss WebAssembly as a base technology and a ubiquitous platform that enables many always-dreamed-of scenarios in computing. These include safe & secure isolated execution environments, high-performance instantiation & execution engines, and lightweight server-side & serverless runtimes. And all this with almost any programming language & framework, including C# and .NET.
Come over and get a picture of why, what, and how WebAssembly in a world beyond the browser will make a difference. You as a .NET developer should definitely know about one of the hottest technologies in town.
(Oh, and yes: we will also briefly talk about Blazor WebAssembly...)

Christian Weyer is co-founder and CTO of Thinktecture. He’s been creating software for more than two decades.


DevSum 2023
- 26.05.23 
@ Stockholm

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More articles about .NET, WASI, WebAssembly

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