Incremental Roslyn Source Generators In .NET 6: Better Experience Through Roslyn Analyzers & Code Fixes – Part 2

This article is the second part of a series about Roslyn Source Generators & co. In the previous article we built an Incremental Source Generator that extends a custom class by creating and initializing the new property Items. This new property returns all items of a Smart Enum. Although the Source Generator is fully functional, I still don’t consider the current state as ‘finished’. During implementation of the Source Generator, we made several assumptions, which means the developers must know the internals to use it properly. If the author of the Source Generator is the only consumer of this tool, then we can leave it as it is. If not, then it would be a bold decision to expect others to have the same knowledge as the author. In this case, I highly recommend adding a Roslyn Analyzer to guide the developers in the right direction.