Hello, I am Manuel Rauber

I work as a consultant at Thinktecture AG and love creating mobile cross-platform applications with HTML5 and JavaScript using Angular, Cordova, and Electron in the frontend, and Node.js or .NET in the backend. I'm writing regularly for the German Windows Developer magazine and I'm publishing on my blog to share my experiences.

In my spare time I volunteer for Hackerstolz e.V. - a club to encourage digital culture in Germany.

For my community activities I was awarded as MVP by Microsoft.

You can reach me via Twitter or Twitch.

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Web Components
Stencil – Web Components On Steroids
In this article, we are exploring the framework Stencil from Ionic. Stencil is a Web Components compiler helping to create custom Web Components libraries that are usable in any web application.
Creating Web Components With Modern SPA Frameworks – Angular, React, And Vue.Js
You might have read the article series about Web Components in which we talked about the advantages and disadvantages of Web Components in detail and how they are integrable in modern SPA frameworks. This article focuses on how you can create Web Components using a modern SPA framework and also addresses Angular Elements, Vue.js Web Components, and React. Besides, we will take a look at how to structure a project.
Data Sharing & Framework Integration: Perks & Flaws Series – Part 4
In this four part article series, we are exploring the perks, flaws, and current standards of forming Web Components. This last article will teach you how Web Components can share data and services, and which role frameworks play.
The Flaws Of Web Components (And Possible Solutions): Perks & Flaws Series – Part 3
The first article of this series introduced into the motivation for using Web Components. After looking at the perks in the second part, we are going to learn about the flaws of Web Components in this article.

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