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Serverless Architecture Conference 2022
 | 05.04.2022

Pragmatic Serverless Azure: SPAs, Microservices & gRPC with .NET

Building & running modern business applications – with less tedious tasks, and less infrastructure needs: this is what a .NET developer strives for. In this session, Christian shows a pragmatic way of creating distributed web- and cloud-based applications with a serverless mindset. Join and see how to use C# for building both, APIs & services as well as web-based SPAs, with ASP.NET Core gRPC services and Blazor WebAssembly clients, all running serverless. Developer productivity where it belongs: one programming language (with your favorite IDE!). Strongly typed client-server communication (IntelliSense, yay!). No servers, no clusters (Serverless, FTW!). Too good to be true? Let’s see.

Christian Weyer
Christian Weyer is co-founder and CTO of Thinktecture. He’s been creating software for more than two decades.


Serverless Architecture Conference 2022
- 05.04.22 
@ Den Haag

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