Modern Cross-Platform Business Applications with Angular, Cordova, Electron, PWA & Serverless Backends

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Modern business applications are facing entirely different challenges today. End-users are used to just leverage their mobile phone, tablets, laptops and (maybe) desktop computers. Applications, data and processes just need to work, just need to “be there” – regardless of the application hosting and provisioning model. Developers should realize these ever-changing challenges and should address possible approaches for ubiquitous solutions. In this full-day workshop, Thorsten and Christian from Thinktecture show you a way how to design, architect, implement and run modern business applications – end-to-end. Come and see how to provide lightweight APIs into your business processes via Serverless technolgoies and architectures in Azure. Feel the power of real-cross platform HTML5 SPAs – e.g. based on Angular – to offer a use-case-optimized user experience across all platforms on any devices and runtimes. Let’s start with Angular web applications for the browser and augment them to have native functionalities on the mobile platforms with Apache Cordova and on desktop operating systems with GitHub Electron. Last but not least, join us for a sneak preview into a hopefully not too disitant future: Progressive Web Apps (PWA) could be the ever-lasting ultimate app model for everybody. Apps without the need to install, just running inside the browser engines with power to interact natively. Sounds too good? Let’s see – all this in action!

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