Hello, I am Sebastian Gingter

I am a professional software developer for over two decades, and in that time I had the luck to experience a lot of technologies and how software development in general changed over the years.

Here at Thinktecture my primary focus is right on Generative AI in business settings, Semantic Search, scalable and performant backend technologies with (ASP) .NET Core, developer productivity and tooling as well as software quality.

Since I held my first conference talk back in 2008 I love sharing my experience and learnings with you. I speak on conferences internationally and write articles here, on my personal blog and in print. Because of my engagement I was awarded an Microsoft MVP for developer technologies.

Blog-Posts by Sebastian

The latest insights straight from our Research Lab.

Published: 12.01.2024
Meet your users with empathy and personality! Discover how injecting personas into your AI integrations can transform bland, automated interactions into engaging, human-like conversations. Learn the art of crafting perfect prompts and personalizing chatbot responses to align with your brand's identity and resonate with your audience. From formal tones for professional settings to a friendly vibe f [...]
Published: 10.01.2024
In the evolving landscape of AI technology, the security threat known as "prompt injection" emerges as a significant risk, challenging the integrity of AI systems. Our latest discussion dives into this cyber threat and unveils essential defenses, emphasizing a layered 'Swiss cheese' approach to cybersecurity. Learn pragmatic methods to fortify your AI integrations, from enforcing the principle of [...]
Published: 20.12.2023
Explore how to enhance your .NET applications with generative AI, moving beyond semantic search to leveraging function calling and tool integration. Discover efficient, out-of-the-box C# and .NET features to transform your AI from a chat companion to an effective Co-Pilot [...]
Published: 07.11.2023
One of the more pragmatic ways to jump on the current AI hype and get some value out of it is to use semantic search. Semantic search in itself is a very simple concept: you have a bunch of documents and you want to find the most similar ones to a given query. While the […] [...]

Articles written by Sebastian

There is this popular quote by Jamie Zawinski: Some people, when confronted with a problem, think "I know, I'll use regular expressions." Now they have two problems."

In this second article of our short performance series, we want to look at the latter one of those problems.
.NET 7 is fast. Superfast. All the teams at Microsoft working on .NET are keen to improve the performance and do so every year with each new .NET release. Though this time the achievements are really impressive. In this series of short articles, we want to explore some of the most significant performance updates in .NET and look at how that may affect our own projects. This first article is taking a deep look under the hood of the compiler and the runtime to look for some remarkably interesting and significant updates.
There are a lot of things going on in the background, when a Blazor WebAssembly application is being started. In some cases you might want to take a bit more control over that process. One example might be the wish to display a loading screen for applications that take some time for initial preparation, or when users are on a slow internet connection. However, in order to control something, we need to understand what is happening first. This article takes you down the rabbit hole of how a Blazor WASM application starts up.
The dependency injection system is a big part of how modern ASP.NET Core works internally: It provides a flexible solution for developers to structure their projects, decouple their dependencies, and control the lifetimes of the components within an application. In Blazor - a new part of ASP.NET Core - however, the DI system feels a bit odd, and things seem to work a bit differently than expected. This article will explain why this is not only a feeling but indeed the case in the first place and how to handle the differences in order to not run into problems later on.

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Microsoft MVP (since 2024)

Microsoft MVP (since 2024)

The Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award is given by Microsoft to technology experts who passionately share their knowledge with the community. More information