Hello, I am Max Schulte

I am a developer with a passion for 3D content, the web, and everything in between.

Since being a tutor for the courses 101 - Technical Computer Science and 3D Game Development, I love sharing my learnings and passions with others. Here at Thinktecture, I found a place where I get the best possibilities to transfer my experience and knowledge to you.

My technical expertise spans from backend development with Python and JavaEE to frontend development with modern Frameworks like Angular. Specialized in Angular, BabylonJS, and developer productivity, I help other developers to make the best out of their possibilities.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out and contact me at max.schulte@thinktecture.com or MaxOSchulte on Twitter.

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About Smart and Presentational Components, Architecture Overview & Concepts: Condensed Angular Experiences – Part 3
Modern web technologies enable us to write huge business applications that are performant and easy to use. But with time comes complexity to our projects naturally. That added complexity sums up and makes further app development slow and cumbersome. This article discusses how a simple architectural concept can make every app more maintainable, faster to develop, and extendable in the long run.
What’s The Hype With Angular’s OnPush Change Detection? Condensed Angular Experiences – Part 2
Every now and then, we think about optimizing and tuning the performance of our applications. In terms of Angular, one of the first strategies that come to our minds is the OnPush change detection. But how does it work, and is it worth putting effort into using it? For what use-cases does it make a difference? This article explores precisely that and tries to answer those questions.
Understanding Angular’s Async Pipe: Condensed Angular Experiences – Part 1
This is the first article of the mini-series 'Condensed Angular Experiences'. We will explore concepts in Angular that seem simple but are very powerful and critical for the application architecture.
Ionic Routing And Router Animations In Angular
Angular and its router are powerful tools to create single-page applications (SPAs). However, there are some critical differences in the context of an Ionic Framework application. Ionic Framework (short Ionic) comes with many new components and features, such as its router and animation system. Ionic's router enables us to write routing animations and page transitions in a simple manner. It even applies them to lazy loaded modules and pages – especially the last part is a more complex task in a standard Angular application.

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