Hello, I am Boris Wilhelms

I am a passionate developer and work as a software architect at Thinktecture AG. With my long-standing experience in the .NET and web area, I am supporting customers with designing architectures and implementing modern software solutions. In the last years, my focus is on distributed application architectures with Azure and .NET Core.

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Modular Monoliths With ASP.NET Core – Pragmatic Architecture
Thinking and even recommending a monolithic architecture these days seems antiquated. While a microservices architecture clearly has its benefits, it also comes with drawbacks. Sometimes these drawbacks can be more significant than the benefits and might hinder your development, time-to-market, or your ability to maintain your application.
Token-Based Security: 3 Possible Alternatives To IdentityServer
At least in the .NET space, IdentityServer is a prominent candidate for implementing token-based security in your .NET and ASP.NET applications, server-side or SPAs. After the license change of the popular open-source library, many are wondering if there are any viable alternatives. If you are an existing IdentityServer user, you may want to check out their license model and see if it would be feasible for you to buy a license and just continue with it. Switching the token server to a different solution may not be that easy and cheap.
Hosting Long-Running Legacy Applications In Azure
In this article, I will demonstrate how a sample architecture for long-running web processes in Microsoft Azure can look like.

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