WebAssembly & Progressive Web Apps: Rethinking modern application development

Session Abstract

Choose your programming language of choice for building fast, ubiquitously cross-platform, future-proof modern applications: dang - your dream will finally come true! Really...? Let's see. Undoubtedly, everybody needs to build business applications, somehow. The web and the browser platforms have changed the way we can build LOB applications and these platforms have evolved considerably in the past 5 years. More and more native features are available to SPAs (single page applications) running in the browser - a great base for modern applications as so called Progressive Web Apps (PWA). Now, with the rise of WebAssembly (WASM) as a standard and the improving maturity of PWAs we have powerful tools in our hand to build the next generation of web-based applications. In this session Christian Weyer will talk about the features & possibilities of Progressive Web Apps as app-like appearance, installability or offline operations, paired with the power of WebAssembly as a bytecode for all major modern browsers. See how to use PWAs to build native-like applications on the browser platforms and experience the strength of WASM to run C, C++ or C#/.NET code in the browser, without any plugin. This can be a disruptive approach for both greenfield and brownfield projects. Lean back and watch how the web is evolving into a new stage of capabilities and feel the potential of your next (business) application. Let’s do it!

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