Remote Advisor

Developing HTML5-based cross-platform apps is one of the best ways to deploy your ideas & solutions on any device including browsers. But how can you as a developer add support for users of your app when they need your help?

With Thinktecture Remote Advisor, developers get a suitable framework which can be easily integrated into existing web applications. After including a single JavaScript library into your web app and defining the desired process to start a support session, users can start contacting a supporter/advisor (as an opt-in process).

Using an included WebSocket-based connection server the state of your Angular-based app or the complete DOM of your classic website will be transferred to the advisor in real-time. The advisor can join a user on your site or application literally in the middle of what she's doing without the need to install any additional software.

The approach to transfer only the state of your Angular-based app or the current DOM of your classic website helps to reduce the needed bandwidth and CPU power on the client. Therefore this approach can work smoothly with 3G connections.

customer advisor interaction


  • Pure JavaScript which works on any web-ready device
  • No software installation needed by end customer
  • Works for web-based apps on desktop and mobile devices
  • Data protection compliant due to the use of servers operated on your own responsibility
  • Complex issues of your users can be clarified interactively
  • Positive service experience thanks to personal advice and support

Use Cases

Remote Advisor can be used to enhance websites, web-based apps for desktop or mobile systems. Based on customer projects we see several interesting use cases for this technology:

Shared Interactions and Shared Screen

shared interactions and shared screen For shared interactions, the user and advisor interactions are synchronized so that both parties can work together within the user's app. Existing prototypes of Thinktecture show unidirectional and bi-directional scenarios. This variant is intended for use in apps developed with the Single Page Application Framework Angular.


webinars Due to the low bandwidth requirement, Remote Advisor is perfectly suited for webinars with a large number of simultaneous viewers. The cost-intensive provisioning of special servers with high bandwidth, which is otherwise often necessary, is no longer necessary. Both the presenter and the audience do not need to install any special software, which significantly reduces the hurdles to attendance. To participate in the webinar, all you need to do is to access the app or website equipped with Remote Advisor.

Tutorials with User-specific data

tutorials with user specific data Thanks to the ability of Remote Advisor to record all interactions in Shared Interactions mode, you could create tutorials with an editor from a recorded interaction sequence, which could be played back by the user at a later time.
Important: as the interactions are recorded on the screen independently of the data, each user sees the tutorial with his individual data and not with some general data that may not reflect the situation of the user.

It is conceivable that individual steps of the interaction could be annotated with comments or that the user could be asked a selection of questions which could determine the further course of the tutorial. It would also be feasible for the tutorial to refer to the user's specific individual data.