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International JavaScript Conference Munich 2023
 | 25.10.2023

PWA, IWA, Tauri: The Future of Web-based App Deployment?

If your app needs deep platform-specific integration, there's no way around GitHub's Electron. This wrapper bundles Node.js and Chromium to allow web-based applications to access all interfaces platform-specific applications can. Electron is contested by Tauri, where app bundles are significantly smaller, and application backends can be written in Rust. On the other hand, Progressive Web Apps (PWA) have become ever more powerful over the last couple of years. While the web app gap continues to get smaller, it will never completely go away, as the trust model of the web won't allow some APIs to be made generally available. This is where Isolated Web Apps (IWA) come in. This proposal by Google could make wrappers like Electron or Tauri obsolete, as powerful web apps can be run right inside your browser. This is possible by an additional trust anchor: deploying your app through a store. Christian Liebel from Thinktecture shows you the different application models with their advantages and disadvantages.

Christian Liebel is consultant at Thinktecture, focuses on web standards and Progressive Web Applications, and is Thinktecture’s representative at the W3C.


International JavaScript Conference Munich 2023
- 27.10.23 
@ München
PWA, IWA, Tauri: The Future of Web-based App Deployment?

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