You want to provision and manage your cloud infrastructure professionally yet still keep things simple? Then you should check out this webinar recording and dive into Terraform with Thorsten Hans.

You will learn by practical examples how to automate your mission-critical workloads by adopting Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and mastering Terraform. Within an hour, you will see everything you need to create and manage your cloud environments. Thorsten explains all necessary concepts and techniques like the Terraform workflow, how modules work, expressions, and interpolation, by live-coding an example infrastructure during the webinar.

Get able to express your infrastructures in code, even if you are using different cloud offerings such as AWS, GCP, or Digital Ocean.

Recording of the Infrastructure as Code Webinar


  • Quick IaC and Terraform introduction
  • Terraform in the context of Azure: authentication patterns
  • Hands-On: Working with the AzureRM provider, expressions, interpolation, Terraform workspaces, modules in Terraform
  • CI-CD scenarios
  • Q&A


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Slidedeck of the Terraform Webinar