Standardized Deployments for Cloud-Native Apps in Azure with Porter [Webinar]

Application deployment is complicated and error-prone. Especially when it comes to cloud-native apps. Numerous tools have to work seamlessly hand-in-hand to ensure deployments are successful. The Cloud Native Application Bundles (CNAB) specification defines how cloud-native apps are distributed, deployed, upgraded, and retracted, including their dependencies. Porter - an open-source implementation of CNAB - empowers users to bake everything into a distributable, atomic unit to guarantee frictionless deployments. Cloud infrastructure, container images, helm charts, configuration scripts, or even custom code, with Porter, you can tidy up and standardize all mission-critical processes in the application lifecycle.

Watch this webinar recording with Azure-MVP Thorsten Hans and learn the fundamentals of CNAB and Porter. See how to master the journey to standardize your cloud-native app deployment.

Recording of the Azure-Porter Webinar

Links from the webinar

Presenter & Moderator


Thorsten Hans

Thorsten Hans is consultant at Thinktecture and focuses on Kubernetes, Docker, and Infrastructure as Code. On the client-side he is tremendously experienced with Angular and Electron.

Gøran Homberg

Gøran Homberg is Consultant at Thinktecture and works with our clients on requirements engineering, project definition, and project management.


  • What is the problem regarding cloud-native application deployment?
  • Cloud-Native Application Bundles (CNAB) explained
  • Introducing Porter
  • Demo - Deploying cloud-native apps to Azure with Porter
  • Q&A


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