Azure Arc enabled Kubernetes: Hybrid and Multi-Cloud, 08.04.21 [Webinar]

Finally, one to rule them all: Azure Arc enabled Kubernetes allows you to manage and monitor Kubernetes clusters from different sources. Let Azure Arc act as a cockpit for all your Kubernetes clusters, no matter if they are running in AWS, Google Compute Cloud, Digital Ocean, or even a private data center. Watch this webinar with Thorsten Hans to understand the capabilities and see what can be achieved with Azure Arc enabled Kubernetes. With an example, you will dive into the topic and see how to use key features such as onboarding, inventory, monitoring, and Azure Policy powered governance to tame all your clusters.

Recording of the Azure Arc Webinar

Links from the webinar

Presenter & Moderator


Thorsten Hans

Thorsten Hans is consultant at Thinktecture and focuses on Kubernetes, Docker, and Infrastructure as Code. On the client-side he is tremendously experienced with Angular and Electron.

Gøran Homberg

Gøran Homberg is Consultant at Thinktecture and works with our clients on requirements engineering, project definition, and project management.


  • Quick Azure Arc Intro
  • Features and capabilities of Azure Arc enabled Kubernetes
  • Azure Arc enabled Kubernetes hands-on
  • Inventory
  • Governance
  • Monitoring
  • Azure Arc enabled Kubernetes compared to its alternatives
  • Q&A


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