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International JavaScript Conference 2022 New York
 | 28.09.2022

Fugu Update 2022: These are the new PWA interfaces

Progressive Web Apps are a cross-platform, web-based application model. Once written, these apps run everywhere from mobile to desktop. Project Fugu, a collaboration around Chromium contributors Google, Microsoft, and Intel, wants to add more capabilities to web apps—thanks to new web platform APIs. Access to the clipboard and the file system was already added to the web. This year, too, a number of new interfaces are on the agenda: The File Handling API allows you to register your PWA as an editor app for certain file extensions. The Multi-Screen Window Placement API lets you open windows at a precise location on a specific screen. Tabbed Application Mode and Window Controls Overlay further improve the appearance of your PWA on the desktop. Finally, Direct Socket Access allows you to connect with services other than HTTPS and Web Socket—such as SSH or SMTP. PWA expert Christian Liebel from Thinktecture gives an overview of the endeavor and shows you the latest developments in this area.

Christian Liebel ist Consultant bei Thinktecture. Sein Fokus liegt auf Webstandards und Progressive Web Apps. Er vertritt Thinktecture beim W3C.


International JavaScript Conference 2022 New York
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